Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tests, Assignments and Everything in Between

These couple of weeks had been very hectic for me. Assignments, tests and personal obligations to attend. Basically I was transitioning from one hour to the next with continuous errands and works to finish. That explains why I had dropped 6kg since early Ramadan and seems to continue so.

So, I had Sociology test on Monday and Macroeconomics II on Friday with assignments and revisions in between. I tackled Sociology with a wide grin from ear to ear as I answered the paper - gaily writing about multiculturalism, Karl Marx and everything else. Happy day!

Macroecons test was a different story. Well, just put it this way, I think I didn't suck at it but it was definitely not an A material. Moral of the story - study hard for final, lazy ass!

Goreng session and time to invent new law and formula

Had a presentation too for Statistic I subject. Again, I don't think I had any difficulty in doing so because, well you just have to talk. And it was easier because we were divided into groups and every member has to participate in the presentation. So, talk crap and be confident - those are the keys to a successful presentation. Hehe..

I know you guys are not listening, so stop pretending like you are!

Don't be fooled by the simple diagram, it was not as simple as it seemed - well, I lied. It was.

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