Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lies, Lies, Lies

Today, a close friend of mine was officially out of his a-year-long relationship with a guy - because the guy was getting married and (this is the best part) he had only told about it four days prior to the solemnation day.

No prize for telling who was the most devastated one.

What has the world come to now? Do we live in lies just to fulfill our needs and pleasure?

There will be times in life when we have to just as ourselves - no shielded, guarded personality or trying to be someone else when we thought that would give us better outlook. The time to strip off lies and face the truth right in front of our faces.

However, most of us passed it away. We lie everyday to everyone - big or small.

When did lying become the new 'it' thing? Is lie the new black?

Come to think of it, it has been long originated, eversince that single tailor lied to the infamously-stupid Emperor about 'his new clothes'. And as children back then, we had always been entertained with stories like how 'Si Kancil menipu Si Buaya'.

Lying is a part of life. A necessity to escape from harm, danger and to ensure continuous harmony in a relationship or a social institution, like a family.

But to what extend lying is permitted? If it is SO common and widely accepted as a mean of 'getting an alternative way', why do we still have to apologize whenever we lied to someone? Is it an 'acceptable sin' in our society? Has our society had gone loopy with what's wrong and what's not?

Yes, we need to lie. As they said it, desperate time calls for desperate measures. But do we really need to escape from the potential harm with nasty means, like lying? And are we allowed to feel good after accomplishing to 'fix' things up by, well, lying?

Lies, lies, lies. Where would we end up in the near future? Will you guys please stop lying like I do?

Well, I lied.


Ri said...

whoa.. kinda serious in here but..

my comment has nothing to do with the article. just wanna mention that you look waaaaay too cute wearing the light green baju melayu :P huhu!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

haha thanks ri!

it was given last year but i only managed to pull it off bcause i saw aaron aziz wearing the same color baju melayu. if he looked good in it, i should too right? well, maybe a tiny-tiny yes..hehe

thanks again!

Booties said...

I just want to say that I can't stand you and I wish you weren't my friend...
Oh wait I'm lying!!
I love you Khai!
And people who lie should all just die and go to hell.
Along with backstabbing people and freeloaders.
I hate all of them!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Haha I know you hate them freeloaders very much, Paris!
Seems like freeloaders were always the subject of your angrytown kan? Hehe