Friday, October 31, 2008

My New Favorite Sound: Mick Flannery

I already told that I wasn't the one following the flow. I'm just like (the late) Isabella Blow, where unknowns excite me as much as big names excite others. While browsing for songs to be downloaded, I came across this particular lad and although I never heard of him until tonight, I somehow took a chance by listening to his tune.

His sound is pretty much a cross between slow ballads by Deep Purple, Sade's easiness and a less mellow Damien Rice. Yes, with a little touch of James Morrison and James Blunt in 'Back to Bedlam'. In his eleventh track entitled 'Do Me Right', he sounded almost like Deep Purple in 'Travelling Soldier'.

I must say this album, White Lies, is a very, very perfect tune for a silent night alone or just when you're in need of a mellow-easy-listening tune while you're alone or on a rainy day. In fact, I found this one very soothing and helpful by 'accompanying' me studying late at night. A real stress-free inducer.

For those who fancies soft-spoken artistes with easy tunes but not depressing (unlike Damien Rice, but still I like his songs), this is the one for you. A close reference would be Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me' album with a little bit of funk thrown in.

Not recommended for pop-tart lovers.

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