Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Open Heart

If New York City’s signature fruit is the apple, then its signature sound is the ambulance siren. It seems like all day, everyday, people are getting hurt and the whole city has to hear about it. But, what about injuries that don’t get a siren? Whether you’re falling into a hole in a street, or possibly falling back in love – just how dangerous is an open heart?

That was what Carrie Bradshaw said in the eleventh episode of Sex and the City Season 6. While watching it to unwind myself, I couldn’t help but to ponder at the simple, blatant truth of it.

Just how dangerous an open heart is.

Some people are willing to trade possibly almost everything earthly for luck in love, or perhaps just to be in a relationship with someone. Others got it without wanting or desiring it and let it go whenever it passes by.

Are we that desperate to fall in love? Or is it just for the sake of being in a relationship?

The age-old question of when-are-you-going-to-get-married seems like a real epitome of how people perceive having another significant one as the ultimate last piece of the puzzle that completes your life. Does it really come down to that, in order to be happy in life?

Is that why lots are desperate to be ‘in love’ with someone, just to feel the utmost happiness? Switching ‘lovers’ faster than you could possibly spell out L-O-V-E, and losing the real, sacred meaning of it.

Why trade everything that we have right now for something that we couldn’t be sure of where it’d end? True, it’s a good investment to be with someone – only if it last. So, in order to know which one will give us the ‘happily-ever-after’ end, we have to keep on getting hurt from clashes, from getting dumped, from wasting money, time and effort and from letting go of other better opportunity that comes along the way? Are we that desperate to be with someone?

Is that how it comes down to now?

I believe that if you can’t straighten up yourself, you will never drive the right one to you. Why don’t we focus on things that we have a grip on first – careers, studies, family and things like that? When everything falls into its own places, then the love part will come by itself– effortlessly.

We don’t die from lack of spouse. But we do die from lack of love – to ourselves. Learn to love yourself then only dare to think about loving others.

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