Monday, November 24, 2008

W.O.R.K It!

Okay, I had never worked for real thus far in my life. But that doesn't suggest that I'm against working or the idea of being someone else's inferior minion loathes me, NO. I had always been keen to work, really.

So, I browsed this website ( and found one where they needed part-time promoters to help out during this sale season. I emailed them my contacts and true enough, they were so desperate for people. Someone called me about an hour later asking me when I could start (which desperados like me will reply with the same standard answer - ASAP).

So the next morning, I reported myself to the Tangs office, located in Menara Keck Seng which is opposite of the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (yes, it was Tangs surprisingly. They didn't put the name of the company on the job ad listing).

Located at the fifth floor, the office was so unlike of anything I had imagined before - crowded with cubicles, people going back and forth, nobody will take notice of my presence and so on. No. It was nothing like that. Instead, it was so spacious with modern furnitures, wooden flooring, a mini Zen garden by the waiting sofa and it was so quite that it freaked me out. I could have done my yoga there and completed it - without being distracted.

Oh, sorry. Do pilates instead since yoga has been banned in Malaysia. Bummer.

About 15 mins later, I was introduced to Miss Jinjing (flashes of the word 'Jinjang' came to my mind at the moment she blurted out her name). She gave me some forms that I needed to fill in and told me that I would only be employed on the 27th of November.

Crap. It was only the 16th. I have more than 10 days to waste my time doing nothing at home. Oh boy.

I accepted it anyway and made my way out. It was only 10am something and I was all prepped up that morning to ditch my vanity and don the ugly Tangs tee and handle crazy, kiasu customers. Now, I was out of work.

I was out of work even before I started to work. Crazy?

So, I made my way to Pavilion where I saw this 'We are now hiring Part Time Sale Assistants' on the glass panel of a boutique there. I asked, I filled up the form and thankfully and co-incidentally, the boss was on her way there.

After an hour of waiting and lingering around, I finally got to meet the boss and was interviewed by her. It was okay I guess. Nothing could have been simpler than that. She told me that I would be informed on the next day, but in attempt to show her how interested (and desperate) I was, I called her instead.

And I got that job. How fabulous is that? Of course, I threw away that Tangs offer immediately.

So, on a bright Sunday afternoon of November 23, I made my way to Etro boutique at Level 3, Parkson Pavilion and reported for work, clad in an all-black outfit. Those ladies who worked there, Eja and Azfa, were SO nice and helpful. They were extremely generous with lessons on how to run the store and other useful tips of do's and don'ts.

I felt so welcomed right away.

Come the next day, I had to work with this poser - let me call him Mr CG aka Cheap Gayboy. The moment I stepped into the store, he launched a full blast of annoying blabbering on almost everything about him, his family, his fugly sissy partner and tried (so hard) telling me how fabulous he was.

He was like trying to draw this line of how inferior I stood from him. So annoying.

Oh, he kept on making annoying sounds (which were words coming out of his mouth); how his mother has a penchant for Louis Vuittons, how he wanted to buy a Prada wallet 'very-very soon', how appropriately dressed he was and how terribly dressed I was and the list goes on. You get the idea.

Not tired, he commented on my shoes - how I chose the wrong shoes, instead I should have opted for pointed ones because of my slender body type. He commented on my shirt - he told me I should have worn Calvin Klein shirt instead of my Zara because I wore (co-incidentally) Calvin Klein Jeans black pants that day.

I mean, hey Mr I'm-A-Cheap-and-Dumb-Gay-Boy-But-Try-So-Hard-To-Look-Fucking-Posh, both CK and CKJ are two DIFFERENT labels (CK is the second tier label while CKJ is the third tier, meaning CKJ is cheaper). And it will be SO tacky to clad in one label head to toe. Besides, if I were to dress-up top to bottom in one designer label, I wouldn't be working my ass off there for God's sake.

And he was only wearing Sub Zero pants and yet, he wanted to comment on my appearance. Gosh. At least I wasn't wearing Hong Kong/Kepong made stuff. Even if I had worn them, I wasn't as audacious as him to tell people what's hot and what's not on them.

Then he continued his blabbering on how he once had a 'Sal-va-tor Fer-ra-ga-mo' sunglasses (It should be Sal-va-toh-reh) and a pair of 'Ver-sech' pants (It should be Ver-sah-ci). He proudly told me (against my willingness to hear him) that he only shopped in Topshop (It should be Topman, moron. Topshop only carries women's range, idiot) and Giordano among all.

I didn't mean to be judgmental but shopping at Giordano? For someone who wanted to buy a Prada wallet?

If I were to be that Prada wallet, I would cry so hard and stab myself to death than feeling humiliated being bought by a poser like him.

I wonder if he ever had a brain. Maybe he left it in his partner's ass while pounding his shit-hole. Do you spill everything about your pseudo-posh lifestyle to some stranger you have just met for a few minutes? Have some courtesy to get to know each other and respect the other person as what he/she was without being judgmental.

While he continued to expose himself up to this day, my third day of working, I remained mum and just nodded my head evertime he told me about his 'I'm-better-than-you' stuff. I pretended like I never own Gucci, never knew about 'Salvatorrrrrr Ferragamo', never had enough money to buy Juicy Couture and so on. What's the point anyway of telling?

Besides, I took GREAT pleasure in watching him ridiculing himself in front of me. How's that for a free entertainment?

Gosh. I could never imagine how such a terrible man can exist in this life. Definitely one of the many rejects ever produced by a human womb.

However, I love my job! It's such an easy job, with great opportunity to meet distinguished people and most importantly, to gain knowledge and working experience, although it couldbe extremely tiring at the end of the day after a long nine-hours shift of standing on my feet.


ahmadzuhairimohmad said...

hahhaa.klaka r cite ko nih.hahahaha

Khairizan Yaacob said...

memang la klaka..sebab kene kat aku kan? hehe

Ri said...

hoho.. working ur ass off for those branded togs now huh? ;)

pedulik aa CG tu!!! fashion is to be SEEN, NOT HEARD :P

ahaks! klu lapang, ri buat lawatan muhibbah ler ke parkson pavillion tu smbl kacau2 'mamat' yg keja situ :))