Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Week!

I'm sure you noticed the different (and way bigger) blog header. Thanks to my baby brother, Rio for editing it without my knowledge and I must say, I'm impressed by it. So, it'll stay there for a while as an acknowledgement to him. Hehe. Thanks bro!

Here it is, examination time again. I got panic attack (thank God for that) a week before the exam kicked off and dashed full speed to study and catch up everything that I could. I must say, though not at my top form, I managed to pull it off quite good. Hehe, kinda flattered and feel ridiculously vain at the same time.

Lots (read: LOTS) of things happened since I wrote the latest post until today. I mean, on November 4th, 2008, as I answered my first paper for this examination, Americans decided on their 44th and the most important choice of President.

Okay, maybe not simultaneously due to the time difference but you get the picture right? Allow me to be dramatic at times, please.

Praise the Lord; Americans actually KNEW how to vote this time around by choosing Senator Barack Hussein Obama as their 44thPresident-Elect, defeating Republican’s John McCain.

Over the past 21 months of campaigning, John McCain easily led the race until September 15th, when the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and rolled the ball on world economic crisis and Obama’s financial strategy seemed much more promising and benefiting the people than McCain's. Things got worse when McCain chose MILF Sarah Palin, a strategy to lure women’s vote that backfired Republicans themselves as skeletons dragged out of the closet about that Sexy Sarah.

Recently I found out on Fox News, Sarah Palin didn’t even know that Africa is a continent. Talk about being eligible for No.2 position of USA highest office.

Anyway, what could be more moving that Obama’s victory? Answer: His acceptance speech at Bryant Park, Chicago after declared as the winner.

I need not post what he had said there – I’m sure all of us had seen it, read about it or even heard about it from someone else. It was very inspiring, humble and naked. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d say: GO and find it.

Even Oprah was in attendance and wept like she just lost her $2.5billion asset.

Anyway, what more ‘surprising’, if you may, was the remark Michelle Obama got for what she wore that night. It wasn’t the usual safe-choice of pastel-colored jacket and skirt previous First Lady-Elect would choose.

It was a little black dress by Narciso Rodriguez with a splash of RED with satin trimmings at the waist and a matching black cardigan. I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad but to be fair, the dress looked alright on her. It wasn’t as bad as being commented all over the internet.

Come on, people. During the past Democrats’ rallies, she only wear dresses from high-street labels like H&M and Maria Pinto which cost less than $100 each, unlike Cindy McCain. This is one of the rare times she chose first tier label as her choice, and it wasn't bad at all!

Where do I begin with Cindy McCain?

Cindy McCain with First Lady, Laura Bush at Republican National Convention last September

I remember reading in Vanity Fair about Cindy in the Republican National Convention last September, where she wore an outfit which cost around $300,000. Yes, you’re seeing 5 zeros. The figure breaks down like this:

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600
Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

So glad she isn’t the First Lady of USA. I would love to comment on those ridiculous wives of our menteris as well but I’ll end up ranting more than I wanted. Next time, I suppose.

Enough about politics. What else was interesting for the past week?

Halloween, yes!

I saw this photo of Heidi Klum dressing up as Hindu goddess Kali for her own Halloween bash and the first thing came to my mind was: FIERCE! She looked great and how did everyone missed that brilliant idea?!

Of course some Hindu scholars were not very pleased with that. Sure, everything about religion sparks ire in the next couple of seconds. I’m not really sure if it’s okay to dressed up as such but that outfit really deserve an applause. No wonder she got best costume that night. Congrats Heidi!

With Halloween, comes the pumpkin. I saw imported pumpkins for Halloween being sold in Cold Storage the other day. One pumpkin with the size of a watermelon retailed at RM150-RM180. Crazy! You’re not going to eat it anyway, so why fork out so much on it? But, given it’s only once a year, I think it’s acceptable to splurge.

Look at those carvings! Is that just GENIUS or real GENIUS? That dude won first place (duh?) for pumpkin carving competition in Florida for Halloween. I mean, if that one didn’t rank top spot, I don’t know what else can. Simply brilliant, don’t you think so?

Before I go off, I just wanted to say MUCH THANKS to all of the people, anonymous ones or close friends, who have been supporting my blog since a year ago. Yes, I started to blog here on in November 2007, only with initial aim to gain more posting space compared to my previous blog on Friendster. To the naysayers who said so much to bring me down, guess what? I’m not moving anywhere but here. For the last month, I got nearly 400 hits. Thanks to you guys!

Though this blog was initially used as a channel for me to express myself, I am welcomed to any feedback or opinion from you guys, seriously. Do drop a comment if you don’t like with what I wrote or disagree with me. As Barack Obama said:

“I’ll listen to you, especially in times we don’t agree with each other.”

Til then!


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