Monday, December 22, 2008

MySpace People

So, I have a MySpace account for more than 4-5 years and of course, I've met a thousand and one kinds of people online.

Which are exactly my point of rant today. These sick people really got me going.

I mean, c'mon we all have been through that ugly phase. In my case, the phase when I assumed everything I saw on TV and magazines would look good on me as well.

Cue: Tight-tees, colored sunglasses, crazy poses in front of camera (self-pics, of course) etc.

You get the idea.

But, that was like 7-8 years ago when I was 13 or 14! When you're doing it in your 20s or 30s, it's no longer the hormones' fault. It's all about you and you're the one who needs to wake up.

I don't really add 'friends' like most of them. And of the people who requested to be in my friends list, I'd say I rejected about 95% of them.

That explains why I only have around 190-200 friends though I've been around for close to 5 years.

I'm not snobby or anything that rhymes with it. I dis-approve those I knew wouldn't fit me or my preferences, and of course to avoid this kind of blog post.

Unfortunately, some of the lucky bastards whom I approved turned out to be quite un-approving.

There's this (gay) guy who has his profile name 'bridged' with Britney's new song title, and that alone doesn't serve me well. Do you really have to do that to make you look cooler and more chic? Because it doesn't.

It's like adding those '-licious' behind your stupid, unflattering Malay name (yours is just fine, Yummy). I mean, have you ever heard of profile named 'Chonglicious', 'Sivalicious' or even 'Muthulicious'. It's always (in my case) something like 'Inalicious', 'Zullicious' or 'Faralicious'.

Does it sound flattering? NO. Silly, stupid, immature, gross, diarrheoa-inducing? YES, YES and YES.

Maybe Fergie sounded cute with her Fergalicious. You = Not.

Anyway, back to the stupid guy with his and Britney's song names both combined. For a start, I shall just say that his face is a far cry from 'dashing/handsome/drool-worthy'. Not even 'pleasant-looking'. Maybe just a plain 'OK' but that too is a generous label I put, since his face is covered in mammoth pimples and warts.

A perfect candidate for 'The Taxonomy of Acne and its Related Family' subject. For reals.

I'm not really being a judgmental one here. But I couldn't help myself from having a slight judgment after browsing photos after photos of him in his profile. What really got me going about him:
1. Self-pic everywhere. In front of mirror. In LRT. In foodcourt. In his house (I supposed). In bathroom. Theme? Manja-manja poses (think Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, except she is a guy with acne-throbbing face and trying to put on the most manja pose). Being gay doesn't permit you enough to pose in such ways.

2. Dressed to kill (more like suicide). White-rimmed sunglasses (so last year), mohawk hairdo (even more last year), glittering tee, tight-skinny jeans. And where was he heading? KARNIVAL JOM HEBOH DI STADIUM BUKIT JALIL. Sigh. Why not head to pasar borong too?

3. Many (I mean it, many) topless pics. As the saying goes, if you got it, flaunt it. But the person invented the saying forgot to add 'If you got nothing, put your clothes back on and shut up'. His body is so out of shape and I think I would still win over him though mine is blah too. But, do you really need to expose it to everyone in this world with a shapeless body like that..and dotted in warts like your face? Please don't do it!

Unfortunately, he already did.

In one of the picture, it was a close-up of him from chest-up. Sexy-pouty lips, acne and warts (no less), no clothes with black spots of old pimples (?) are visible all over his chest and shoulder area. The caption: 'I'm lonely...'

..and I totally know the cause! Hope he knows it soon. The quicker, the better. Sigh.

And there's another one.

A Malay girl of 15-16 years old. I wasn't too sure, but one thing I AM DAMN sure, she's in love with her boyfriend.

And how do I know that?

Because it was all over the profile and the news feed!

She updated her status every 2 minutes with things like ' XXX (her name) sayang sama YYY (her toyboy's name)!!! aku cintakan YYYY!!! tak mahu bepisah sampai bila2!!!!!'

That annoyed me.

I was in love with someone before too and I know how it felt inside, but I wasn't so audacious and shameless and dignity-ripped to put that kind of status every 2 minutes, every day!

If I'm lucky enough, there would be status like 'YYY tanya aku kenapa aku sayang dier, aku ckp aku x sayang dier, aku cinta dier!!! XXX cintakan YYY!!!!' or 'aku nak mati sama2 dengan YYY!!! cinta YYY sampai mati!!!!' or even 'YYY ckp dengan aku hari ni, dier cintakan aku sebab aku comel!!! XXX cintakan YYY!!!!'

God, after I finished this, I'll let this post floats for a while for them to read it (if they are brilliant enough, they will know) and I'll do massive friends-list overhaul. Yes, I have posted this one on MySpace as well.

Some rats just need to be shown the way out.


Ri said...

oooh! HARSH!!! but i loOVe it! :))

hope i don't go the way of the rats too... :P

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

im still (hopefully will not be) your friend right?

-pausing to check on my myspace-


annjielicious said...

Is AnnJielicious all right?
Heeheheahaha you're so mean! You called someone shapeless and warty!! You're meaner than me you're totally meaner than me! Ha ha ha ha!!

jen said...


Khairizan Yaacob said...

Ri, Shandye, Ann Jie(Licious) and Xu:

Like it or not, you guys are still my friends and nope, you're wayyyyy better than those people.


annjielicious said...

kan i annjielicious?
kan? kan?