Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today, Dec 19 2008, I decided to have some private me-time around the city. Decked in my black basic D&G tee, checkered shorts from Guess? (my favorite silly shorts) and flip-flops from Camel Active, I head to the Upper Mid Side of Kuala Lumpur a.k.a Bukit Bintang.

I made a stop in Etro, chatting away with Eyrja before knowing that my friend canceled our supposed-high-tea together. Dayum.

Like heaven-sent, Nik, my favorite stranger called asking if I was in Etro and decided to hang out with me for a while since he was already there in Pavilion. We hang around for a while before he decided to ask his two other 'friends' to tag along.

It turned out, by friends, he meant Anuar Zain and his sister, Ziana Zain.


I was starstruck for 2 minutes. Since there were two of them, so I was officially starstruck for 4 minutes. Ha, mathematics!

Four of us went window shopping in Gucci and Prada, checking out stuff while chit-chatting in between and I had to control myself from going ga-ga knowing they were here with me. God, there I was in Pantai Dalam not knowing where to go and the next few minutes, bam, I was in Pavilion hanging out with Anuar and Ziana Zain.

Oh, Ziana Zain was carrying Louis Vuitton's Monogramoflage tote which look somewhat like this one below, only smaller. This was the 'it' bag like 6-7 months ago and it's SO last season to carry it right now. Oh, well maybe she didn't care much about it:

This wasn't my first time meeting them. Most of the time it was more like bumping into them and totally NOT hanging out together.

Is that cool or what? Hehe.

Then only it occurred to me how my friend Nik could be acquainted to both of them. Ziana's hubby is involved with Malaysian Airlines as well as Nik. No elaboration needed, I suppose.

I didn't stay for dinner with both of them though they insisted (well, sort of. Or maybe they were just trying to be all nice and congenial. Who knows?) I head back with a grin from ear to ear because I had promised to have dinner together my hommies.

Sigh. What a day.


Ri said...

really cool day huh?

heard that the two are very humble n pleasant to hang out with.

true or false? hope it's true... :)

Khairizan Yaacob said...

couldn't be any more true than that

very humble, down to earth, friendly..and chatty as well!

so seronok..ngee~ :D

Booties said...

Decked in my black basic D&G tee, checkered shorts from Guess? (my favorite silly shorts) and flip-flops from Camel Active,

Underwear? Calvin Klein ka?

Khairizan Yaacob said...

how come u noe? u crazy-filthy STALKER!! HELP, I'm famous and stalked!!

Stalker said...

*visual of u in CK tightie whities*
*keels over*