Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey You

Thank you for tagging along with me to the hospital. That shows how much you cared about me and how deeply touched and honored I am to have you in my life as a very great friend.

..though you said it was an investment as I was your amusement. Crap.

Anyway, not many allowed themselves to be in your shoes and go through this tough time with me. Thank you and thank you again.

Whatever may happen, I'll be forever thankful and grateful that I've done everything I could and have great, great people with me along this battle, like you.

Thank you.


PS: I couldn't buy the Burberry top. Spent a lot for the funny-sounding lady's concert already. Sigh.


deliciousfofo said...

don't worry
i always treat my investments well :D

Ri said...

:-O have u been sick?

so sorry to hear that, moga cpt sembuh ye :)