Friday, February 6, 2009

My Research Methodology Lecturer, Dr Azhar Harun

The following was taken directly from his lecture notes:

"4. It Needed The Critical Thinking

Empirical research needed the thinking power or critical thinking from the researcher that aimed to looking the fact and thought about the meaning or/and valued this fact. And from this critical thinking the appropriate conclusion could be produced. (This critical thinking will including in the discussion part."

"Or you see so many drug-edic people in Chowket to control the parking lot. What we know, the Malaysian government try to control and get them to the jail, but it still happened in social."

Due to his toungue-twisting Kelantanese dialect, I couldn't understand exactly what he said be it in English or Bahasa Melayu. And now, his lecture notes are topsy-turvy. Aiyo.


AzharBodoh said...

He has notes now??
During my time none at all.

Palister said...

hehe, why don't u suggest him to become politicians..he surely sound like one..

Anonymous said...

why u like dis hah...??
r u clever enough??
how come u say sumthing bad towards ur lecturer..
i hope ur will repeat 4 dis paper..
xberkat ur ilmu tau..

Lixin said...

i think Anonymous has a stick up his ass.

I was doing online research and chanced upon your blog. I'm in the same method class as you are. And yeah, his notes are....unique. I had to rewrite the entire thing because i got mad reading it.

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Hey Lixin,

Haha, thanks for the testimonial. See, I wasn't making it up people. Some of my lecturer are sucky. End of story. Berkat or tak berkat, you gotta ask the lecturer first if she/he had taught to his fullest, because that's their job.


galadriel said...

i forgot how i stumbled upon ur blog, but it was horrible to see a lecturer writing like this.

I wish u lots of luck. This is not considered "lawan towkay", if u a student can't get what he's trying to say, he failed at a fundamental level; communicating the message across in a way that it is understood.

I looked up the guy's credentials and i'm baffled by the fact that he has a PHD. How would he have written his thesis.

I suspect he did the entire writing in BM. Ok laa but why is he writing in English to you.

In Malaysia, I wud expect a university lecturer to at the very least, be effectively bilingual.