Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catching Up in Between

I have a lot of work to do, assignments to be completed, tests in numerous forms approaching. Totally bananas.

I’m thisclose to be kuku with all of these junks, aside from other issues back at home and with myself.

I’m really glad that more and more people are actually reading my blog nowadays though they never commented (…), when the real intention of this blog set up was just as a place where I can rant peacefully without bugging people. But having more people reading it somehow restricted me from going full throttle in blogging people whom I wasn’t please with because they might be reading and know (very well) that I’m talking about them.

That somehow takes away the fun of blogging. Talk about mixed blessing.

Anyway, don’t you feel like time is moving by so-oh-swiftly because it’s already March 2009?

On March 1, my good, good buddy Chong Jin asked me out for a drink and movie, just to catch up with each other. He has already begun his internship and now experiencing having to work way up to 8pm. Everyday.

I totally salute you, boy. Dealing with numbers and figures, up until 7-8pm. Everyday.

That’s something I definitely wouldn’t be able to deal.

Anyway, we watched ‘Doubt’ and had our late lunch in KLCC, with me having my most favourite dish there (after Chakri Palace’s Pandan Chicken), the Chicken Mushroom Hot Plate Yee Mee! Mouthful!

Chong Jin and I in Signatures, KLCC

In fast-pace times like this, I definitely need a moment when I can pause, unwind and be sane for a while. Yes, with a good company like this one even for a while where I can just be myself and do what I love to do with great friends like himself.

In this difficult, dog-eat-dog world, you definitely need some helping hand from these fabulous people known as your friends, to help you slow down and tell that everything is just as fine as it always has been. Even to be your manager and appointment-reminder because they know you’re bad at keeping up with it.

At least that was my case. Winks.

Now, if I could just find some time for an appointment with my dentist…


Manager Appointment-Reminder said...

Chong Jin is comel!!

Ri said...

oooh!!! i love the chicken mushroom hot plate noodle there too!

it's the best around i could find so far... ;)

life is like that khai :) just do ur best, i'm sure things will work out for the better

Manageress said...

Eh what appointment with dentist??
Do I need to drag you there too?

Khairizan Yaacob said...

hey hush hush!
ill take care of it :P

calvin said...

Ahh, Chong Jin. It's like years since I last met him, and you too actually.

I read your blog too; but just a silent reader most of the time xD

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Hey Calvin!

Haven't seen you in a LONG time as well. And I just saw Chen Ye and Kok Leong in KL the other day. Hope to see you soon here or Taiping!

PS: Don't forget to introduce me to her :)