Monday, March 30, 2009

I Heart Shelves

Some weekend ago, I hijacked a car from my sister and made a trip to Ikea to buy some long-awaited-and-much-needed stuff.


Yes, the one that you drill to your walls. Shelves come in handy when you run out of storage space by making full of those under-utilized walls.

So, we went to this Sweedish home-haven and made some wise purchases. Not to be forgotten, the delish meatballs and currypuffs that we bought there. Totally worth braving the crowd.

Another reason to love Ikea - great, great food at affordable prices

The shelves that we bought came in with a plank of wood and two supporting metal holder in each package which each one cost about RM15.90.
In contrary, if you purchase both separately, the relatively same plank (only a little thicker) cost about RM25 while the supporters were about RM16 per pair.


So we bought the cheap one, of course! Economics principles put into practice!

I had borrowed a power Bosch drill from my dad for this purpose, however to our dismay, it didn't work.


So, the next day, Abg Ayi had to borrow his friend's (thank God) and spent the whole Sunday drilling holes into the walls of our room while I off to work, due to my former boss' request to fill in (mind you) the labor-shortage. No worries, I gained extra RM50 that Sunday.

So, this is the result of the re-arrangements and shelves installation. I like it so much since I can now put my printer and Altec Lansing speakers on top, rather than under the table as before.


Small but enough for me. Somehow, a bigger closet is always welcomed :)
Thanks, Mr Ayi! I owe you big time!


Ann Jie said...

1. Is that sesat bear over there Koko?
2. So that's what your room looks like!! Nice!
3. Wa! Got Altec Lansing?

Khairizan Yaacob said...
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Khairizan Yaacob said...

1. Yes, yes! That's KokO!
2. Actually it looks much better on other days la. Minus the Mamee Monster over there :)

Ri said...

your room is so organized :-O, i can only wish my room can be that way... :P

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Ri, manade. Organize? Haiyo. Tak langsung :)

Hana said...

kye! my dad installed the same sorta shelves in my room..and it had been there for almost 10 years! haha

anyway, i tot u shud noe that, ur shelve structure takkan tahan lama since u letak the grey thing (whatever its called) to balance ur wood (whatever thats called too!) haha

u should have installed it differently.. i x tau la how to explain it in here, but ill tell u face to face nanti k? remind me ya!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

hey Hana yg Cantik dan Bijak!

yeah i know! ikea showed that it should've been installed differently. like, instead of putting the support downwards, it should be installed upwards. well, my room mate and I kan we improvised the whole thing.

hopefully lasts for more than a year, if not 10 like yours :s

Hana said...


u first time DIY yeah? i sendiri pun wouldve installed it the same way u did, if my dad sendiri mls nak buatkan utk u..

tapi my dad pulak yg terlebih excited..hehe