Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daydreaming at Night. Whatever

It's 2.43 a.m and I am still up reading about small and medium enterprises in Malaysia for my upcoming examinations next week *gasp!*. But I want to take a time-out for 2 seconds to write about this. The things that I want to do in the long term.

Of course, I want to finish my studies and graduate. By then, I want to have at least one book published. Do you hear that miss-co-writer, Ann Jie?

I want to secure a job. Something that I would be fine with, not having to come back from work and complain about it each night. Perhaps, I would need a car by then. A not-too-small car will do like Gen-2, not too sporty or too compact because I want to take my nephews and niece for ride as well.

I would love to have all the essentials from the best labels around. As written currently on my vision board (Oprah influenced me to do one) in my room, I would want to have a patent leather wallet, perhaps from Lanvin or Dior Homme. A nice pair of black leather shoes, perhaps from Ferragamo or Louis Vuitton because both are the finest makers of shoes. Then, I would need a tote which I could pull off for work and leisure, and Hermes has some of the best ones around.

Yeah, then I would like to buy something, even if it's just one, from my other favorite labels which are not available here. Like, I would like Dries Van Noten's signature print shirt and anything from Comme des Garcons.

After 5 years of working, I would want to buy a house. I'm not a terrace-person, thus a nice condo in KL proximity would be nice. Perhaps somewhere in Pantai Hillpark (like Centrio Soho), KL Sentral or Gasing Hill in PJ. I would want my place to be not too far from the city because I enjoy being among the city scene. Not a popular preference, but it's mine anyway.

My crib should be cosy, homely and not too posh. Just average and full of the neccesary stuff. My family could come over some time and I'll take my nephews and niece for a treat somewhere, buy them stuff. Anything that would make them happy.

In the longer run, perhaps after more than 5 years, I would like to give my mom a present. I always talked to her about this labels and that label, so I would like to buy her a nice handbag but not too tacky. Perhaps the Stam bag from Marc Jacobs or the 2.55 from Chanel, or even the Paddington from Chloe. Those three would never go out of style. And my dad? Hurm..that's a tough one. He liked watches, and since he already has his Rolex and Omega now, I'll get him something else. Roger Dubuis or Franck Muller maybe. But, wait, that's quite beyond my reach. Haha.

The most important part, I would want a stable life. I would like to have a place of my own and having my closest friends and family members coming over some time. Going out for bar or dining together during weekends with friends and having a spare time to do some charity work. I had always wanted to spend my weekends at the old folks' home, we'll see bout that.

Since I am naturally bad at creating somethng new, my utmost dream is to be an entreprenuer like my mentor, Dato' Farah Khan. I would like to bring in my favourite labels and share it with Malaysian market like Miu Miu, Dior Homme, DSquared2, Missoni, Dries Van Noten and Hogan. If Gods willing, you'll see that I'll be responsible for one (if not all) of these labels soon. This is where my passion lies and I'll climb my way to it.

And now, back to these notes for exams. Sigh...

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