Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home-made Apple Pie by Puan Azian

Last weekend, I went down south to my sister's place to meet my newest sugar a.k.a nephew and for him to be acquainted personally with his loony uncle. Well, it was about time for him to know this one eccentric uncle (I prefer 'eccentric' than 'freak') as I had a week gap in between my examination papers.

He looked just as same as his older brother when the latter was born, except much quieter and well-behave so far (a.k.a less troublesome).

I could spent hours and hours just laying by his side and looked at him while he was sleeping or squirming, which both were fun, surprisingly. Just how blissful and innocent life for this one, when things aren't any complicated at all.


We finally meet, Mr Airy

Anyway, the best part of being close to family again is to have my mom cooking and making all of my favorite dishes! It's like an ongoing automated cooking machine, only you don't have to put any coin into it.

No kidding.

Well, I've asked her for different types of porridges, Malay kuihs, pastries. Now, it was time for apple pie! Actually, my sister and I asked for this one and it wasn't just me. It was a unanimous appeal, you see.

Yes, she made apple pie. She learned it either from Amy Beh's column in The Star newspaper or Martha Stewart, I couldn't remember.

So, she made it and it tasted so good, as always. When it comes to food, I got to admit that my mom does it best. She made the best cream puff too, as well as other gazillion dishes.

Love you lots, mama!

P/S: Don't stop being our cooking machine :)

Prior stuffing it into the oven

The result. Taa-dah.