Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anugerah Industri Muzik Ke-16 2009

I went to last year’s AIM 15 because of the free tickets courtesy of fellow housemate, Jet (thanks, Jet!). It was surprisingly good and unexpectedly I had a great time there, though I had no clue who was nominated beforehand except Siti Nurhaliza (she was nominated every year for the past one decade, anyway).

Thus, I certainly looked forward to going this year’s AIM 16.

God certainly has a strange way of reaching you. Perhaps, it was indeed the power of attraction – when you wanted something so bad, you exuded a pulling force onto it toward you. Anyway, 3 days before the event, my good, wacky friend Aen called and asked if I would like two VIP passes to the awards ceremony.

Of course, my reply would be affirmative.

So, decked in skinny jeans and my most comfortable color – black, off I went to AIM with my plus one. And boy, it was even better than last year’s though it was one notch down in terms of its scale and grandeur. Blame the recession, perhaps.

What made it so special and interesting was the people that I met that night and, of course, my VIP seat which was so much, much better than last year’s. again and again, I reminded myself to snag a snap with two people, Awal Ashaari and the beautiful Nora Danish (who wore bareback little black dress that night), not because I liked them, but just for the purpose of making my ticket-sponsor Aen jealous of me meeting her favorite celebs.

I didn’t succeed anyway, because neither was available. Bummer. Mission aborted.

However, I managed to meet the people whom I admired that night like Nazruddin and his beautiful wife, Sheahnee Lee who were SO friendly and down to earth. Also, the very talented and gorgeous Noryn Aziz, suave one Fahrin Ahmad (who were busy promoting BlackBerry Storm under Celcom booth) and the bubbly and Hana’s sister Hunny Madu.

Amid all the glitterati, the one I was so fascinated with has got to be with Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz, a noted columnist and fashion critic whom I had closely followed over the years (through his writing, of course). I had bumped into him a couple of times before – we dined side by side for ‘buka puasa’ last September in Madam Kwan, KLCC and were in the same store at Sungei Wang Plaza, while I was there accompanying my buddies Chong Jin and Cheng Mun, not counting other 2 or 3 times brushing shoulders with him in KLCC and Pavilion.

I knew him and I liked him. That’s why he was quite surprised when I called out his name to take a photo together. He was truly the opposite of what Ezzuandee (my close friend) had told me about him, and instead he was warm, humble and truly a charmer. I had a major star-struck situation the moment he asked for my name and what I do for a living.

BlackBerry seller of the evening

Siti Saida. No personal pic with her as I don't want to be tainted with any of the Taruddin household

My seat wasn't bad at all. I managed to shift 4 rows to the front by the time the show started. Cool, yes?

Mansor Tun Abdul Aziz and I. Period.

The bubbly Hunny Madu.

Sultry songstress Noryn Aziz

Nazruddin Habibur Rahman aka Abang Naz & his wife, Sheahnee Lee. Both are cool and very friendly people. Can't you see it on my face?

Anyway, the rest of the evening went fabulously. The performances that night was superb especially from Misha Omar (I never really liked her but she totally got me in complete awe that night), Faizal Tahir and Indonesian-songstress Rossa and finale by indie bands, Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan.

Though RM20 poorer from the cab fare from PWTC back to my place, the experience overall was great. I certainly have a higher expectation to next year’s one but the main question would be, who would be the next one to give me tickets? Winks.

A huge credit for Aen and her sister for the tickets. Thanks, Aen!


kikikakakiko said...

gambar ngn tomok takde?

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Tomok? Yuck.
Saya tidak mahu mencemarkan kamera saya. Sekian.

zuhairi said...

eh,tomok best r.seriously.haha

taun depan kalo ade lebey offer r kat vista ye.hahaha

Anonymous said...

hey...gambar ngan jac...x de ke...:-(