Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Wants to Live Forever?

Today, May 8, 2009 at precisely 9pm, will be the turning point in my whole life. My life will be completely different and things have to be adjusted to this new change. Yes, people can’t see what I see and obviously they won’t bear the pain that I’m in.

All around, I see products of anti-aging. People undergoing surgeries and had different kinds of procedure just to look young. Those who are with illnesses took medicine not to cure but to prolong their lives. We applaud people who have been living for so long; they even get medals and presents for their ‘achievement’. Their names are written and updated annually in the Guinness World Book of Records, we read about them one too often in the media.

Why? Why do people care so much about living so long?

Does it matter how many years you spent on this Earth? What I know, the question should be how much have one contributed while he/she still alive? You don’t measure success of living by the number of years; you measure by their contribution, their significance to the ones surrounding them.

Yes, we start living once we live for someone else. That’s what Albert Einstein said. But, to those who have nothing else to fight for, for an incurable disease, was it worth fighting the time just to stay alive for the ones we loved?

I have no answers. I have neither suggestions nor valid points. These are only thoughts; some thoughts that I pondered for quite some time. What is there to keep us not-dead? Is it worth fighting just to live for the people around us, when we have already died emotionally and contribute nothing at all, long before the actual time arrives?

So the question remains, who wants to live forever? No one waits forever, anyway.

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