Monday, July 20, 2009

Anger, Frustration and a Huge Mess

The last couple of days didn't look so good. No, not with my life. My life is fantastic as ever - thank God. The things happening around me and in my country particularly really, really upset me. This is worth a blog post.

While many ass-kissing politicians and know-nothing laymen are chanting the new slogan of '1Malaysia' without really understanding the true meaning of it themselves and abandoning the previous slogan they whore out before ('Islam Hadhari' anyone?), nobody - absofuckinglutely NOBODY - gives a damn about the big junk of mess we're in.

Nobody really addresses the worsening air quality and haze faced right now at this moment. It has become a really unpleasant sight to wake up every morning and only to see thick haze all around, signaling incoming respiratory health issues. The education itself has long been a joke - teaching Mathematics and Science in Bahasa, then in English, and now back to Bahasa. What else tomorrow? Teaching them in Sanskrit?

The public universities itself is in a mess. Just because you can't provide enough parking space, don't put up a regulation by allowing fourth year students and above only to drive. And even suggesting us, the students, to use the public transportation!

The audacity!

Honey, I took the bus everyday to my classes for the previous three semesters and I know how suck-y it is. And with impending increase in public transportation charges, is that how you encourage people to use it? Come on, grow some brain will ya? Hey Mr and Madam Lawmakers, take a week in our shoes, ride on those buses and tell us what you think about that.

If you can't, just shut up and abort those regulations, dumbasses.

And now, who are we supposed to turn into when the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) itself is questioned with the death of a witness in an investigated case? This is the biggest, grandest joke and mess to date.

How can a supposedly innocent, defenseless witness by the name of Teoh Beng Hock being questioned until the wee hours in the morning, kept in the building and didn't allow to return to his house, freely roamed through the building and died? These all don't add up and don't make any sense to anyone who chose to THINK.

Are we, a democracy country, practicing KGB-and-Soviet-like style in interrogating people who was supposed to help in upholding transparency and anti-corruption, louded by our premier? He was supposed to return the next day with some documents but why do they claim that he 'chose' to overnight there in the MACC building - on a couch, instead of the comfy of his own place, though it was already close to two in the morning?

Angry, angry, mess, mess. Now I have to go to class.

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