Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Easy Breezy Weekend

After allowing myself to weep, grieve and reminisce about Yasmin Ahmad for a day, I detached myself from sorrow and decided to have an easy weekend to lift up the good spirit. Ayi and I were pondering and wondering of where should we go after having a decent brunch in Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam Bangsar South and he suggested KL Bird Park.

Boy, I never had a chance in my twenty-two years of life to pay the park a visit and the last time he went there was more than two decades ago.

Thanks to Google Maps, we got the right direction to the park from the kopitiam....

...still it didn't stop us from getting lost around the Perdana Lake Garden before reaching the bird park. All because I missed a turn (damn you lousy signboard).

The entrance fee was RM15 for Malaysians with MyKad and RM60 *gasp!* for non-Malaysian citizens. But I must admit the whole experience, the park outlay, the bird collection and the entertaining bird show are worth the money spent.

The park, which is the largest free-flight aviary in the world, is divided into 4 zones spanning across 21 acres. So you might want to take that into consideration first as you have to do LOTS of walking around the park if you wish to enjoy the total of 3000 birds there.

Being sceptical, I didn't put high hope on the park initially but after first-handedly experiencing it, I was impressed and kept smiling from ear to ear throughout walking the entire park.

Ok, perhaps not all the time but you got the idea. I totally enjoyed it.

Our aim next is to discover the forgotten attractions of this beautiful city like the Museum, Planetarium and others. I might sound dreadfully boring but, hey, I might change your perspectives toward all of them like what I just did to myself when visiting this bird park.

There's so much more to live than just shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur!
The Perdana Lake Garden - this shot is taken as we got lost and driving around with no direction.

"Tak boleh kurang ke, kak?" tanya Encik Ayi kepada Akak Tiket

Peacocks are known as proud and arrogant birds. There are two in this picture.

A crippled fella. Poor guy.

A black hornbill.

None in this picture is a bird.

Photo taking session with some old friends. That parrot has quite a weight, alright!

Parrots in the Parrots Zone

Pretty parrots in a row

Some of the interesting birds - some roam freely while others in display aviary.

The bird show at 3.30pm

An eyesore in the form of litter next to the eye candy in the form of a peacock.

The Nursery Gallery where the incubator is

Some familiar faces - ducks.

Mr Ayi at the Waterfall Zone

Beautiful flamingos

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