Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chase No Face

I was browsing through People Pets website tonight when I came across this touching yet remarkable story of a cat. His name is Chase No Face.

Well, actually I was going through all the celebs pictures on and somehow diverted to People Pets, the supplementary magazine of People. Anyway...
Chase likes to groom himself, loves to eat and as curious as any cat could be. But the main difference between Chase and other cats is, well, he has no face. The name kinda give it away, right?

He was hit by a car about 4 years ago which destroyed most of his face and one of his hind leg, which had to be amputated right away. His eyelids was badly damaged and most of his facial tissue sloughed off, making recovery almost impossible.

The veterinary who worked in the clinic the day Chase was brought in after the accident quickly adopted him and Chase had been living with her since for about 4 years now, though she is now married and have a child.

Chase was even named after the clinic he was treated in.

His owner even set up a Facebook account (which I am now one of his 1000 over fan - Chase No Face) and a blog ( on his behalf, where people could donate money for his continuous medical needs and support. And so they will know the money donated is indeed used for Chase's needs.

Now, though he has a deformed face and in need of a good care (no outdoor activity for Chase, constant eyedrops needed to keep his eyes moist - he has no eyelids now, remember?), Chase has a large number of people who really care about him, near or far. I really applaud his owner's determination to keep and take care of Chase and how courageous and resilient Chase is.

Be a fan of Chase and offer him and his owner everything that you could - the least is moral support, as I did.

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