Monday, September 7, 2009

New Hair Cut

I don't like my hair long and I chose to keep it short and textured (for spiky style) although it is getting thinner and thinner and my forehead is quickly resembling that of Tyra Banks.

Anyway, heck. The usual saloon I always frequented is in SS2, Petaling Jaya (Kimarie Saloon) but I've totally forgotten the way (Azhar, if you're reading this, you need to bring me there again!) So I went to the barbershop nearby my place instead and for only 8 bucks, I must say I'm impressed with the outcome.

Somehow later I noticed, I ended up looking like a cross between young Rambo and army in cheap porn. Jeez.

Fret not! I still love my haircut and felt compelled to take this picture after purposely pairing up my cheap Taiping-bought skinny jeans with plain jungle green Replay top, for that Rambo-crosss-porn-army look. And I got positive feedback all around, hoorah!

And, staying true to my Ramadan syndrome, as you can see in the picture I've lost quite a weight. When I dropped by my friend Peter's sauna in Grand Millennium Hotel the other day for a lil chit chat with him, he was shocked to see my bony figure and insisted I hop on the weighing scale right away.

I've lost 6kg for the past 2 weeks. Now I'm only 53kg, down from 59kg previously. Hell, even Oprah or Kristie Alley can't beat that.

Time to gain more weight and rock this new haircut! Loves it.


Paris Hilton Banks said...

hey khai-ra banks, u look quite hot la.
suka suka suka!!

Khairizan Yaacob said...

I think I look like soldier in cheap porn. But still love it! Thankie!