Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rendezvous with HRHF* Farra

*Her Royal Highness Fantabulous

Friends come and go, but real friends remain by your side throughout your entire lifespan, be it during thick or thin. These rare breed of people are extremely scarce nowadays but thankfully, I have a handful of them which never disappointed me (yet).

Simply put, they are made up of those smiling faces at the right-hand side of this blog.

One of them is Miss Farra which I became acquainted when we were both studying for our foundation studies in University of Malaya back in 2005. I don't really have many friends back then (and still now) so it was a real delight to know someone of the same wavelength as I am while studying there, hundreds of miles away from home.

She's warm, caring, funny, smart yet silly and bitchy, which is pretty much a reflection of myself especially the silly part. We have same interests, ideas and thoughts and that was why we garnered every possible tag from people all around - they called us siblings, cousins, girlfriend-boyfriend and someone even professed that she thought we were engaged (to each other!) - just because we spent most of the time together.

Crazy. Talk about he said, she said.

Anyway, since she left for India to pursue her studies in medicine, we rarely got the chance to see each other. Obviously. So, when she was in town a couple of days ago, we went out for a much-needed rendezvous-cum-breaking fast in Mid Valley Megamall.

The eatery du jour of the day was Madam Kwan where we had sambal petai with prawns, assam prawns and fried Hong Kong kailan with salted fish for breaking fast along with chit-chat and continuous laughs broke out in between.

Oh, the sambal petai there is definitely my favorite dish in Madam Kwan where you can enjoy the petai without any fear of, erm, unpleasant odor emitting from your mouth. Yet, the petai are still fresh and cruchy, and tasty above all. I have no idea how that do it but, yeah, that's the truth I assure you.

Watermelon juice for Ayi, ice lemon tea for Farra and teh tarik for me

Assam prawn

Sambal petai with prawn

Fried Hong Kong kailan with salted fish

And I must say, I'm feeling the whole new look she rocked that day - especially the short bob, reminiscence of Taylor Momsen a.k.a Little J in Gossip Girl. Hot! Loving it - and FYI I'm not paid by her to say that. Hehe.

Then, at approximately 9.30pm we headed to the cinema to watch Final Destination 4 - in 3D! Blood splattering, internal organs flying across the room, bodies smashed into pieces. Totally a violent galore for aspiring serial murderer. Despite all the impressive 3D effects and some finger-biting scenes, I must say it was not that good. Two and a half star from me.

Trying on the 3-D glasses before the movie. Totally channeling Gaga.

By midnight, after chauffeuring Farra to KL Sentral where she boarded the last train back home, Ayi and I headed to Bangsar's Mc Donald's for our own quickie sahur before heading back.

Definitely a great evening for all of us. Love you lots, Farra!

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