Monday, October 12, 2009

A Stranger in Paradise

Hello there, please take my hand
I'm just a stranger in your Eden land
Now do come and get to know me
Though you might not like what you'll see

I'm a lost soul wandering
Searching for something, I think
Looking, searching and fighting forlorn
I felt it was behind me but now it's gone

Are you alone here as well, stranger?
In quest for triumph and madness altogether?
Don't you know that it wouldn't make sense
To love and let die at the end?

See this face, it's not mine
You make believe of the things that you find
I don't know who I am, stranger
Perhaps you too are clueless of who you were

But don't worry
We are fine
We are just giddy
From our restless mind

You'll learn to love me and I hope to see that
You'll know what angry is, and so is sad
They are just some of me of what you'll see
As I told you before, it's not always pretty

Know me now before we depart
So half of me will never be apart
Stay with me until comes the dawn
Then remember me as a stranger gone

Now go away, live your life
For in yours I've made mine
Countless smiles, many more dreams
You and me are never acquainted it seems

You've been good, you've been kind
But, stranger, it is time to say goodbye

Khairizan Yaacob
October 12, 2009
2.08 a.m

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