Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boboy the BlackBerry (2007-2009)

In Madam Kwan KLCC circa October 2008

I still remember clearly that evening. Tired and wasted, long train ride back home from Subang Jaya. Ayi accompanied me. Despite all, I wasn't even complaining with a new phone on the palm of my hand - a BlackBerry Curve I named Boboy.

It was pure joy. That's one of the perks being neither rich nor coming from a wealthy family - I learned to work hard to get things in my way and when I did, it really paid off. This wasn't just a 'thing' - it was a momento of a dream come true for a 20-year-old boy, a hard work paid off and a passion realized even when people around me were going like 'BlackBerry what?' at that time.

It has become like a midget friend, a companion to class, to leisure and everywhere else in between. A gadget that also acted as an instant accessory the moment I flipped it out of my pocket. Boboy was loved beyond comparison and he deserved too after much desiring and wanting.

It was a single slip of fate last Saturday, around 2.00pm when I lost him perhaps forever. Though my head was saying 'Do NOT put him on the table', I insisted since I was eating in a corner table of that restaurant. The chances of it being 'lifted' might be less as he's under my eyewatch, I assumed.

Boy, I was wrong. At least, I was wrong in thinking that I'd be extra careful with him around. I left the eatery without him and only realized an hour later when I got to my sister's place since I got so occupied with my nephew, Aisy and helping out my mom with house chores. By that time, no surprise, it was too late.

The workers claimed that they didn't see any phone lying around unattended and according to them, if they did, they'd surely hand it back to me. I think it's pure BS.

My BlackBerry looked worn out. It has scratches in every corner. The trackball's light no longer worked. The keypad was equally bad in shape though still usable. Nut shell, it looked bad enough and un-tempting at all.

I didn't care about it as a phone, but I cherished it as a small accomplishment in my life. Getting him 2 years back was major. The joy it has brought to me was beyond words. Those are the things that money can never buy and can never be replaced.

Though badly hurt and shock, I accepted it as a fate. I can't have everything at one time, so maybe this one has got to go for now. I return home so forlorn and emotionally drained. So, those of you who have made plans with me, I'm so sorry I couldn't fulfill it at the time being including my bestie, Ann Jie who turned 23 today, December 21. How I wish I could celebrate this day with you but I just couldn't seem to comfort myself yet.

Perhaps my birthday wish has (some sort of) jinxed everything. Anyway, I'm sure God must have something in store for me, something better.

To the potential worker of the restaurant who might have lifted my beloved Boboy and lied to my face that you didn't, a big fuck you. Amen.

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