Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Family Affair

My awesome brother-in-law was recently admitted to Prince Court Medical Centre due to some knee problems. So, he had to undergo a surgery to reconstruct the ligament.

Now, don't you ask me about the technical stuff here because I know nothing whatsoever about it, except that it sounds complicated, painful and expen-to-the-sive.

Since I'm on holiday and had nothing to do except updating catalogue for my sister's online store ( - go and see it!), I've been travelling back and forth to the hospital. Of course I have an ulterior motive as well - to check on the swanky hospital too, alright.

For KL-ites, PCMC is best known as that new hospital situated along Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Bukit Bintang, which is also a stone-throw away from Pavilion and other retail havens. Thus, finding it isn't hard at all for me as I've passed it gazillion times before.

If the outside facade looks amazing, the inside looks equally breath-taking - if not better. There's a 2-storey high steel sculpture resembling a helical chromosome greeting you at the main lobby. If you're quick to notice, the layout of the building looks significantly similar to its sister buildings (cue Suria KLCC and Alamanda Putrajaya) as all are made under Petronas subsidiary, with two building wings connected to a central court in between.

The room in which my brother stayed was a standard room, located on level 5 and it's already better than any other hotel room. But if you're a VIP and willing to fork out more cash, there are more spacious rooms in level 4 complete with - get this - private balcony. How cool is that?

So, all of us lounge freely in the room which also comes in full Astro channel on a plasma TV with high speed WiFi connectivity. It just keeps getting better, especially with the fabulous view from the room.

The road was jammed from the heavy downpour when I went there yesterday, so I took a snap of the view from my driver's seat for fun. Gotta amuse myself during times like this though.

This is one of the perks for not being rich - like me - because you'll learn to appreciate things like this and try to grasp it and digest it as best as you can. Well, it won't be everyday I get the chance to be in a place like this, even if it's just a hospital. Haha.

Now this is some place I wouldn't mind being sick and bed-ridden. Then again, nah. I still chose to be sick, smelly and rot in my own small home because, well, it's my home. Money can't buy that. Ever.

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