Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Monologue with Koko

Koko with his Juicy Couture baby bib (Photo taken last year)

Hi Koko, I bet you must be feeling rather drab there. Sitting around for months in the same spot, here beside my CPU and resting your back against that LV paperbag - don't you feel lonely or bored? I bet I'd be if I were you.

Hey, wanna know something? 2009 is almost over and - yeah! - my birthday is coming soon. Yeah, I can't believe it too, I know! Seems like I did nothing for the past one year except groaning, moaning and whining here in front of you.

Do you know what I'd like to have for my birthday? There are three things actually. What did you say? Yeah, nobody would even care to give any of it to me, but no harm daydreaming and wishing for it, right?

You know what, I'd love to have this inreciatto wallet from Bottega Veneta. It's something that I could use even after 10 years from now, I totally see it. The last time I checked, this one is around RM1500-RM2000. Kind of silly to spend that much on a wallet, considering I usually have less than 10% of the price of the wallet IN my wallet. But, hey, it's Bottega anyway and it's here to stay. It's a timeless piece of exquisite workmanship.

On second thought, I might not need a new wallet since mine is still in good shape (though it's not Bottega). So, something that's more useful might be a new phone, more appropriately, a BlackBerry Bold 9000 or as Farra put it, 'Beri Hitam yang Berani'! Oh, I totally adore this one gadget. I mean, BlackBerry might be the best gadget ever for me since I started using Curve a year and a half back.

They can bring on the new Curve, Javelin, Storm, Tour, Pearl or even the new Bold, but I'd still pick this old BlackBerry Bold 9000 because of the oh-so-glam and masculine design. Not only the design, the specs are really impressive too. Just looking at its leather-clad case is enough to make me go ga-ga for it. Don't you agree with me, Koko? Come to think of it, it costs nearly as same as that Bottega wallet.

My wishlist is not always about the price though. This final item is slightly affordable than the previous two, costing about RM400-500. I'm talking about this super stylish Bang & Olufsen Form 2 headphone with its silver finishing and it's as light as almost weightless (is it even a valid comparison?) With this headphone, I'm telling you, I'd be so fly. Even if I don't use it, it can be an accessory around my neck with that 'Bang & Olufsen' tag emblazoned. Yeah, I'm vain, I know.

It's free to daydreaming, so why should I care, right? It's my upcoming birthday anyway and I deserve to be loopy a little bit. Yeah, Oprah says you can't have everything at one time, so I believe I'll get it one by one, even if it means getting it myself.

So, are you with me Koko?


-farra- said...

ROFL at 'Beri hitam yg berani".hehehehehe

Khairizan Y. said...

Hehe ko punye ayat la tu