Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take a Bow. Curtain Closed.

Do you realize that we're coming to an end of a decade?

Seemed like only days ago we sang and danced to Jennifer Lopez's 'Waiting for Tonight', with its millennium-ushering theme video and now, 10 years have passed by just like that. Okay, maybe not you but I did sing the song in my room back then.

I mean like, really? Has it really been 10 years from there to here?

Maybe time doesn't do the justice but in terms of what I've endured in that period was worth telling through a memoir. A decade full of colors.

The end of the year signifies my, ehem, birthday as well. I don't celebrate it in a grandeur way and I don't know how to either. Maybe I wasn't brought up in that way.

Thankfully, some still remember it, earlier than expected. Megat sent me a card across the sea, way ahead of everyone else. Come to think of it, the last birthday card I received was like 3 years ago from Farra (complete with a gift, Pride & Prejudice novel by Jane Austen - our favorite!).

This year has got to be my gadget year. I got new awesome-schmosome PC, a cordless rumblepad, a new phone and now to complete the list is an 8 gigabyte iPod touch - courtesy of Mr Khairi. Initially he wanted to get me the Bottega wallet but I prevented him from doing so. Come on, I'm not that evil to gold-dig him (or anyone else).

So this little gadget easily won my affection and as any other stuff which I owned, I named this one as 'Bobiyu'. That's after what my 2-year-old nephew Muhammad Aisy referred to his father's iPod after playing a game of a blue ball ('Ball Biru') on it. Thus, Bobiyu is the name.

So, if you think this decade had been a rather dark phase in your life, fret not! The new one is coming up in a matter of days so let's make a full use of it.

To quote a line from the movie Precious, 'The other day I cried, I felt stupid. But you know what? Fuck that day. That's why God make new days.'

Starhill Gallery. December 2009

Have a blessed new year 2010 and a great new decade ahead! Happy birthday Khairizan Yaacob.


kikikakakiko said...

happy birthday!

Megati Holdings said...

hehe. bobiyu. comelnye?

Khairizan Y. said...