Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treats for Aboy

Today I went to Ikano right after my class to buy some insects for my tarantula. All by my own. Driving was heaven today. No congestion whatsoever especially near the TTDI area.

Total bliss. Maybe it was the timing.

The pet store, Pet Safari didn't have any worm left (dang!) so I bought crickets instead. But up till now she has yet to devour the poor cricket. In fact I haven't seen her in a while. I hope she's molting (rather than you-know-what).

Anyway, before I left, I thought, why not I buy something for Aboy, my cat too?

Poor kitty being left alone at home day after day.

Then I decided to buy some treats for cats. I've always interested in buying one for him since I saw Ann Jie rewarding Biscuit with some delish treats.

Except that Biscuit is a dog, a terrier. Whatever. I'd still buy it.

Those shit treats don't come cheap, okay. Then I thought, what if Aboy won't like them? Since he's quite kampung-ish kind of cat - although he's like 75% pure breed Persian.

So I decided to buy a small treats instead for a start. I chose this delish-looking milk treats which cost RM5 (it was printed on the price tag as RM6, I wonder why I only had to pay RM5. A small victory for me).

Back at home, Aboy gladly took one after one of those milky tablets and boy, I was glad he did. At least I could buy him more of those fancy ones from now on.

Come to think of it, my cat eats a UK-made treats while I'm munching on Pasir Gudang-made Cloud 9 nugget bars.

Is the Armageddon near?

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