Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beri Hitam yang Berani

a.k.a BlackBerry Bold

I full-heartedly gave Farra the credit for the silly translation because she was the one who coined it. I wasn't sure about this post but she insisted that I do it so here it is.

I read somewhere that an average man would use their mobile phones for a year-and-half before changing/upgrading it. I guess that applies to me too because in about that period, my phone would either be stolen, broken or simply be replaced when opportunities came along (i.e. whenever some generous person gave one to me).

That was true for my previous 4-5 phones. Until recently.

Remember my Storm? Baptiste McStormy? Well, that didn't go too well.

I have to admit, being one of the latest brainchild of RIM, the Storm was quite good in some areas. Its camera, video camera and graphic interface are superb. Those are its turf - Storm wins hands down with that.

But for someone like me, who's not used to touchscreen phones, it was quite a nuisance though I hate to admit so because for me BlackBerry could do nothing wrong! Yes, I'm a proud CrackBerry addict. So be it.

I found my typing speed slowed down by 50%, though it really needed a LOT of practice initially to get familiar with its touch-press keypad. Then, it was as power hungry as a Hummer - I could barely get the battery to last for a complete 24 hours with 3,4 phone calls and some text messaging a day, though I've changed my connectivity from 3G to 2G. Still it didn't help much.

So, it has got to go. Besides, someone else around me has started using it too so that was not cool. Yes, Fifi we really don't like being as same as everyone else, do we?

In return, I got myself a Bold 9000. This is like a slight downgrading but still, you can't go wrong with a Bold. This is like the best BlackBerry ever - or so people said.

I initially tried the new Bold 2 9700 but I didn't really feel the slimmer version. I personally like chunky ones - like Storm or Bold 9000, though I know the new Bold has better OS and much-improved camera. But for now, I'll settle with my Bold 9000.

BBM-ing with Fifi - in class. Hope my lecturer doesn't read this.

This sucker is definitely something. When I bought it, I immediately felt as if I was back at my own comfort - reminiscence of my old Boboy, the Curve. No hassle at all. There isn't much to tell because everything is quite similar to using Curve and I'm very comfortable with this piece.

Now I could easily do short text messages while driving, something I didn't get a chance to with Storm.

Don't get me wrong, okay - it's not like I always use my phone while driving. Sometimes you just need to type things like 'OTW' to a friend waiting anxiously for you to arrive for class. No kidding.

And I've signed up for BlackBerry Internet Service and it was quite impressive. Surfing the net or BBM-ing with my pals are easy, provided you stay around EDGE connectivity and above.

I went back to Taiping last week by bus, then headed to Penang and Alor Star with my parents and along the way, I had no trouble connecting to the Facebook, Googling some stuff, BBM-ing with Fifi, updating my Twitter and of course made calls and texting. Some says DiGi's BIS service is much better and cheaper but I have yet to verify it.

Oh, this sucker doesn't has a name yet and I don't plan to baptize him with any - I don't want to jinx it like I did with my two previous BlackBerrys.

I'll just call him my wonderful chunky berry for now.


-farra- said...

hehehehe....sila baptize kan beliau dgn nama saya ye.thank you.hehehe =p

Khairizan Y. said...

dreeeaammm onnnnn ok hehe