Thursday, March 25, 2010

Panic Week

The title pretty much sums up this week thus far.

On Monday, I missed my classes because I got dressed, head down to my car and the alarm didn't work. I tried opening it with the key instead, blasting out the alarm - sending the entire people of Pantai Dalam into alert of my little hiccup.

Then I remembered the alarm remote being soaked wet from last night. After two attempts and two loud alarms which lasted 2-3 minutes, I gave up.

Anyway, it was scorching hot outside so I needed to get back indoor. There goes my black and white outfit with my winged-shoes for the Monday class.

After some thoughts and help from my buddy Zuhairi a.k.a Jern, everything was okay. The remote was fixed and the battery was replaced. A giant thanks to Jern for chauffeur-ing me to the workshop and back - on his bike. I felt like a dirty, sexy Mat Rempit from Pantai Dalam - sounds nasty isn't it?

Then today, I was alone in my class with my regular bunch wasn't around. Minutes later one by one stepped into the hall except Fifi.

Turned out, she was in the Damansara Uptown Police Station after nearly being robbed from some (obviously) bad guy in the basement parking lot. She was there in the morning for her interview in Lenovo headquarters.

By the time all of us got there, she had already gone back with her uncle, still in shock and crying from what she had told us through the texts and phone calls.

Come to think of it, Damansara Uptown has been notoriously known for stuff like this. You better be extra careful when you're there, especially if you're a female and unaccompanied by anyone. This has happened to my best friend and you and I could be the next one. Touch wood.

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