Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Reminder

"So verily, with every difficulty there's a relief. With every difficulty there's a relief."
- Surah an-Nasrah: Verses 5-6.

Ever wondered why God has to remind us humans about the silver lining to all mishaps? Because we tend to forget about it all the time. And He did it twice in a row in the above surah as an emphasis. He assured great relief for every difficulty faced by us.

I had my fair share of difficulty on April 30th. He knew my weaknesses are my family and finance, so He tested me on both. I have yet to recover from it but at least I'm learning.

I proceeded with the next day, May 1st, as usual. Had breakfast, went to pick up my altered pants in Bangsar Village, had KFC for lunch, went to Section 14 to buy PC games, bought some fruits, return home, played the games, had dinner, watched Kimora Lee on E!, checked my e-mails, played with my cat and now writing this post before heading to bed.

Life hasn't changed so much for me, despite that I had hit rock-bottom the day before. For some moments, I stopped and realized at how blessed I am.

I was still able to drive around town and do my chores. I was still able to soothe my spirit with some good ol' fried chicken from KFC (bless that Colonel Sanders), I don't have to beg for money by selling tissue papers like that pakcik I passed by beside Digital Mall in Section 14, I still have a roof above my head and watch TV to distract myself. I have beautiful pets for me to play and good company around me to keep me busy.

Life is still good - great, actually. I don't have a reason to be sad and feel less fortunate when there are way lots more people are worse off than where I am now.

Everything happens for a reason and I guess I've found one of the many reasons in store for me. I just hope everything will work out just as fine for the next days. God has already assured me of that and I have total confidence in Him, no doubt.


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Suhaimi said...

Hanya dengan mengingati Allah, hati akan menjadi tenang..