Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mon Etranger

Mon ├ętranger; French for 'my stranger'

I am blessed to know and be acquainted to this wonderful human being although we have never met in flesh before. For the past a year and a half, Mr Akmal was just a stranger to me - my stranger.

Sure, we've seen each other's pictures, blogs, become virtual friends on Facebook and exchanged text messages throughout this period but had never met in person. Truly, he was pretty much a stranger to me; hence, the name.

The nickname was derived from 'Closer' when Natalie Portman saw Jude Law as soon as she regained consciousness after being hit by a car - 'Hello, stranger.' How apt.

I blamed my pal, Chong Jin for introducing this movie back in school days and leaving a huge mark on my life. True story.

My stranger had returned to Malaysia a couple of times before but we never had the right timing for each other. That was until last week when I insisted on sparing some ticks for him this time around and yes, it was all worth it.

I can't speak on his behalf but for me, yeah, I did enjoy his company. Having him around for real was really the cherry on top of the icing - my icing. It was really good being with him, the one who enjoyed the same cafe mocha as me with brown sugar and knew the words to my favorite Damien Rice's song.

Before we departed, he gave me a 'small' momento he bought in Istanbul and I felt so bad since I didn't have anything to give in return. Besides, how would you top a Burberry gift? Tough call.

Thanks for making your time for me, chico and I'd wait for our next rendezvous, for sure. You made these working days a whole lot brighter for me with something that would really cheer me up.

And yes, you're no longer a stranger to me as what you said. Winks.

Look, A - I've worn your tie! :)


Nurulhidayah said...

you look gorg!!!! hot!!!! ;)

Khairizan Y. said...

Hehe thanks D :)

Ri said...

the tie is great
but the friendship- priceless

may you two have many many more years of knowing each other