Thursday, October 14, 2010

Would You Like a Tight Slap with That Whining?

If Days of Delirium were a diary sitting on my already dust-ridden shelf, it would definitely be entangled with cobwebs and whatnots due to the long abstinence. My mind was boggling with the many things I wished to share here but I couldn't seem to drag fingers to run onto this keyboard.

Whether you have missed me or not, I am back again. Yay?

My blog wouldn't be completed without some rants every now and then, would it? So here I am again to deliver my thoughts across and tell me what you feel about this.

I don't have many friends but some of the 'non-friends' consider me as their friend (isn't it weird?). The reason why I don't really acknowledged them as friends because - well - they whine too much.

Yep. They kept on whining and whining and whining every single day and I can't stand whiners.

Then again, maybe not everyday but most of the days. They just have things they would love to whine.

They whine about loneliness. They whine about how ugly they are (some of them are not that ugly anyway. The rest I leave it to your imagination). They whine about their job. They whine about not having boyfriend/girlfriend.

Simply put - they whine just about everything.

To make matters even more twisted, they could be oh-so-golly tomorrow and continue whining and complaining the next day. Totally bipolar a la Britney circa 2008.

I mean, these people complain and whine too much. Who wants to be near a person who whines too much, all the times? There are so many bigger things at stake all around the world - plague, the war, the revamping of education, the slow economic recovery, HIV/AIDS and cancer cure, the politics, natural disasters - and here they are whining 24/7 on their acne-ridden face that drives away potential boyfriends/girlfriends.

Seriously? Don't they know how to give a middle finger to their petty problems, tell it to 'Suck it!' and get on with life with wider-than-Julia-Roberts grin? If only these people know how to take advices - they are just plain stubborn too.

They would whine on how miserably lonely their life is and just wanted to die but the next day - tadaa - they would still be online. If you really want to die so badly, by all means go ahead - there are so many ways to do it and Google would assist you in doing so. Just bare in mind, all across the world, billions of people are striving to stay alive everyday despite having bigger problems than your 'nobody-wants-to-take-me-to-clubs-on-saturday-nights' or 'i-am-so-meaningless-without-a-boyfriend' problems.

If they can be all happy and gay one day simply by getting aroused watching Lady GaGa's video, why can't they sustain that positive outlook throughout the week and eventually the entire month?

I have had my low points in life too but I don't need to put it all over my Facebook, MySpace (is there anyone still using this?) or Twitter? That would just drive people - like me - sick and away from you. Again, who wants to hang out with a whiny? I have way lots of other better things to do like watching paint dries.

I don't hate these whiners but I'm just amazed at how narrow-minded they can be. If we care to look beyond our borders (regardless of what it would be), we would definitely know there are SO much more to live for.


Suhaimi said...

I can't agree with you more.. Thanks..

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection.

Bhagavad Gita (EPL)

Khairizan Y. said...

Hear, hear!

Btw how can someone who's still stuck in Italy, give an excerpt from the India part of EPL? That's against law of nature. Hehe

Suhaimi said...


Excuse me.. page 127.. EPL (err... mine.. it might be different from yours..hehehe)