Friday, December 10, 2010


There are only three weeks to go before I turn 24 years young. Somehow, this time around, December doesn't promise relax and laid-back atmosphere as previous years. My favorite month so far has been tainted with some unpleasant things, causing the road leading to my 24th birthday rather bumpy.

However, there's a silver lining to everything no matter how terrible the situation might look. Although I hate the idea of getting older as much as Cher loathes it, I finally realized that each new year does gets better.

If not more, I become a little wiser with each passing year. I finally learned the most noble act one could ever foster - forgiveness.

No matter how hard you try to understand them, there will always be some selfish, ignorant, ungrateful and obnoxious people around, trying to push you to the edge. Often in my case, it would result in bitterness, anger, frustration and ultimately, feeling sad on how such terrible things could happen and how such equally-terrible people could exist.

However, no matter how angry or upset you get with the said person, it would solve nothing by being in that position. You wouldn't feel at peace until you learn to take the high road. Instead of returning the dirt to them, you forgive them.

Forgive them for upsetting you. Forgive those people who have acted cruelly towards you. Feel sorry for them, for they don't know how to appreciate wonderful people like you and to act accordingly. Forgive them and ultimately forgive yourself for feeling in such way.

No matter how hard it is, you will feel so relieved by not carrying that extra baggage and dark clouds above your head. I found myself feeling so peaceful by forgiving that certain someone who had made false stories about me and sincerely I wished her the best for her examination paper when I bumped into her on my final day of exam. I had forgiven the ones related by blood to me who had favored others than me and used me only for their convenience. I had forgiven the one who used to insult my illness last year. I had forgiven the ex-es for taken me for granted - and finally realizing it.

As Yasmin Ahmad used to write in one of her movies, 'Before going to bed each night, ask yourself - have you ask for forgiveness from the people you hurt? Have you forgiven the people who hurt you?'

I have forgiven all of you. That's the beauty of getting older. Please forgive me for my wrongdoings too.

PS: If I get cranky in the future, you can forget about this post. Hehe.


Jenny said...

Dear Kye, I can sense the heart-felt compassion in you and Im moved by ur forgiveness of other’s misdeeds and ignorance, even at the expense of you being disparaged or ill-treated. Perhaps yasmin's humble words meant hatred and resentment are the most difficult emotions to cope with and that forgiveness is the key to let go of the “extra baggage and dark clouds above our head”. Oh Kye, u are a wonderful friend and have always been. Wif gratitude and respect, we (some but not all) will forever appreciate you! You are Loved, never forget that...

Kye. said...

I believe this is my 15th, err, 15th nomination? LOL. Thanks Jenny, you're always dear to my heart :)