Monday, December 13, 2010

Take This, Dry Skin!

I've been battling dry skin for YEARS since I was a kid. It's something I blamed my mom/dad/both for since both my brother and sister face the same problem, although not as severe as me. Thus, it must be in the genes - I knew it.

I've been applying all kinds of lotions and whatnots to prevent my skin from scaling (yes, it is that bad) and my lips from cracking. Since I can't afford La Mer like Angelina Jolie, I use Vaseline for my lips and it has been working so far for 10 years (since 1 was 14).

Then comes the hardest part. No single product seems be able to retain my skin's moisture except for *drumroll* this! L'Occitane Delightful Cream. Oh man, I really, really love this one. It's made of honey and lemon with a small dose of rosemary and sunflower oil. The result is this wonderful and yes, delightful cream that successfully mends my dryness (for now).

You should've seen my feet and my arms in an air-conditioned room (or maybe you shouldn't). My skin would be scaling, dusty and turns white and I swear I'm just another heartbeat away from turning into a giant dust ball. Now, not anymore. Well, at least I can maintain that healthy-skin look for 4-5 days even without applying the cream.

The only downside is the smell. The smell is anything but delighting. Try taking honey, lemon, rosemary and sunflower oil, grind it together and smell the end result. Or you can just go to any L'Occitane store and smell it yourself.

This one is a gift for me (thanks Ann Jie!) but it usually retails at 60 bucks for 8 oz or 40 bucks for 2.5 oz. A great remedy for dry skin people like me.

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