Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sakina and Yusuf's Wedding

It was quite amazing how weddings could bring out the emotional side of you and moved even the most unbelieving person (exhibit one: myself).

Certainly, having known and being close to the person did some justice to the wedding tears shed that evening. Sakina and I both studied in the Center for Foundation Studies in Science, Universiti Malaya, where we first got to know each other and later became friends. A year later, we both changed our degree courses and studied economics together in the same batch, of course alongside our best pals Ami, Fifi and Faris.

Time moved so fast and now, another one has left the nest.

We celebrated the new phase of Sakina and Yusuf's life in Holiday Villa, Subang where their wedding reception was held. The Indian-themed wedding brought back familiar faces from UM and yeah, it was a night we wouldn't ever forget. Our baby girl Sakina, always the darling in the group, got hitched to her prince.

As per requested by the bride herself, Ami and Lia performed some of Sakina's favorite songs during the reception and we joined them on stage while they sang the final song, 'Just the Way You Are'.

The after-party was a different story by itself. We sang and danced alongside the newlyweds to some Hindi and English songs.

As I'm writing this, the new Mr and Mrs Yusuf have settled down in Kuwait City, Kuwait - a place she now calls home. All the best to this new phase and you will always have our prayers with you, wherever you are.

Congratulations, S.
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Ri said...

so cool to have such a wonderful circle of friends :)

family may be the best, but in some respect, nothing can beat having friends..