Monday, January 2, 2012

Burberry Gladiator Sandals

This would be one of the posts I have been wanting so badly to write.

Alright, so I got myself a hot new pair of gladiator sandals this past weekend - and needless to say, I love every bit of it (as my any other footwear).

However, this one is extra special, considering I have been looking for the perfect gladiator sandals since the last 2-3 years but none caught my eyes. Even if they did, I couldn't find it here in KL or Singapore.

Buying this means I had to abandon my 4-year pledge of not buying Burberry items (since they support illegal fur trade). So you can imagine just how much I really liked this one.

This one is made of pure leather with metal studs here and there. The metal buckles are engraved with the label, same goes with the leather insole and rubber sole. The leather straps are held together by a suede patch at the front side and there is a leather patch for the tying straps.

I took them for a 'test drive' on the very next day and whoa, the response I got was overwhelming. The most rewarding part was when random strangers stopped me and complimented the sandals. It confirmed the obvious - my sandals are fierce! Ha!

Since Burberry Prorsum line is only available in its Pavilion KL boutique, you can go and get it there while it lasts.

It retails for RM2295. There goes my entire month's paycheck.
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Ri said...

fierce man!
love the look! :)

Suhaimi said...


The art of shoe/sandal... You deserve to have it.. :)

Kye. said...

Thanks people! :)

Anonymous said...


I was wondering how it fits. If it's true to size, runs small, or runs big. Cause I want to bid one on eBay which is a size 42. I usually wear a 9US for Nike's and Adidas. and 41UK for Italian brands.