Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Silly Attempt on Super Bass


Alright, this was done at 2 in the morning and please pardon my appearance and my kookiness. I only did this because I liked the song, I was feeling like singing to it and recording myself doing so that early morning.

I love this song and yeah, I love it! Oh yeah, just a few disclaimers:

#1: I can't sing and I can't rap. I don't expect a recording deal from this video.
#2: Please ignore my greasy face.
Twitter: @kyeberry


Ri said...

somebody suddenly remembers that he has a blog :P
hehe.. welcome back! missed ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

funny face!!!! :D

Kye. said...

Hehe thanks

nuyu said...

What's with the pout kye?

Kye. said...

Haha sexy la kot :P