Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vuitton-ed Again

For my 22nd birthday I received a pair of gorgeous white Louis Vuitton sneakers. For 23rd birthday, I received an iPod Touch (it was the in thing at the time, alright). For 24th birthday, I received an iPad which did lots of good things to me. 

For the upcoming 25th birthday, I decided to up the ante once more. 

Since everyone knows my undying love for good shoes, it came as to no surprise when I decided to get a pair of sneakers for my 25th birthday. So I did some homework - flipped through the magazines, browsed the net, running through online catalogues. Finally I made up my mind. 

I want a pair of Louis Vuitton Acapulco sneakers. They are gorgeous, rugged, masculine and a little too much. 

One of the perks working in Bukit Bintang is that you can just swing by the Louis Vuitton boutique in Starhill Gallery during your lunchtime and browsed through the goods. I saw three Acapulcos - in white, black and navy blue leathers proudly on display and I felt all giddy inside with excitement.

The next day, I dropped by the boutique again with my hommie Ayi and purchased the navy blue one.  

I prefer this one to that of the other two because the leather is thicker and (I believe) more fitted for someone  who doesn't really know how to take a good care of his shoes, not to mention a clumsy one too. 

What I love most about this pair of sneakers is the profound leather texture, it just exudes truckload of masculinity besides just being a pretty pair of footwear. There is a monogram on the side with labels printed on the tongue and the hind side of the sole. I don't think it is hard to see why I fell in love with these babies. They are just gorgeous.

They are available for RM2600. Thanks to Ayi.
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