Saturday, March 10, 2012

Need: A Bag for Work

This post is long overdue but heck, whatever.

The bag that I used for work was in a relatively bad shape after years of going through thick and thin, rainy and sunny day together with me. That black messenger bag by Guess did me lots of good things for four years and it still does, occasionally, but I decided that it's a high time to get a new one.

...because that's how I give myself a kick to jumpstart my mood of going to work (since I 'love' my job so much).

One afternoon, during my lunch break, I made a pilgrimage to Pavilion KL and scouted for a decent bag for work to replace the old one. After much deliberation (about the price and durability), I decided to go for this shoulder bag from Coach.

Made of grey leather with thick brown canvas shoulder strap, it's roomy enough for a weekend bag and very suitable for a day-to-day bag for work. I love how the bag slouched when I carry it to work, giving it a nice effortless look. As any other Coach bag, it comes with the metal and leather label tags, but I decided to add on the logo-embossed name tag for the bag (sold separately).

I went for this bag as a change from carrying the same old style of messengers. The feedback that I got was mixed: some don't really get it and others love it, like I do. My colleague Jacqueline said it was really nice ('Khai, the entire office smells of Coach leather!') while Kak Fareda said it looked like an oversize girl's tote. Err...

Since some people got their panties tangled up (for some weird, unknown reasons) when I mentioned the price of my haul here, I decided not to mention it anymore. If you would like to know anything about my haul, like this bag, and plan of getting one yourself, email me and I'll definitely get back to you. Where's the fun if it's not shared, right?

Credits to the Coach sales assistant, Khairul, for being a friendly and very helpful salesperson - not to mention, bearing with me for the entire one hour of choosing the suitable bag.
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nuyu said...

From Guess to Coach?? Quite an upgrade Kye! Well done. :)

Kye. said...

Indeed it was an upgrade! Thanks Nuyu, love you lots! :)