Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to Black: Alexander McQueen for Puma Black Label

It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of high-top sneakers. But what surprises me is the fact that I haven't bought anything from Puma in the longest time. Although some of their sneakers do have some sick, awesome design, I just felt they were just not for me.

Until I saw this pair (and the 'Sale' sign next to it).

I just love the triple shades of blue combo on them along with the softness of the suede and calf leather. When I first tried it on, I thought they looked funny because of the hiking boot-style shoe laces but after a while, it started to grow on me. 

Why not try something a tad different for a change, I told myself.

The fact that it was on 40% off gained itself extra brownie points for me to take it home. Oh, did I mention that I also got a free Puma Black Label lush leather passport cover for this purchase? Sweet.

Puma Black Label is the higher end line of the sport house, much like that of Adidas Originals by Originals. As stated on its website, the Black Label comprises collaboration with 'high fashion innovator designers' namely Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen and Miharayasuhiro. 

This high top Alexander McQueen for Puma Black Label sneakers are available in Isetan Wisma Atria, Singapore. When there's a 'McQueen' label tagged to it, be prepared to fork out extra dosh for a pair.
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