Thursday, November 8, 2012

Go Kooky: JS Gorilla

It has been a while since I got myself a quirky pair of footwear. I've been settling for more practical and mature-looking shoes/sneakers of late but once in a while, I do need to get in touch with my crazy side.

Hence this JS Gorilla.

Initially I was torn between this one and JS Instinct, but I ended up getting both since I hate making tough, life-changing *cough* decisions. Besides, this pair looks cute too. 

The whole shoe is covered with black faux fur with cushion-soft gorilla head tongue. Oh, the gorilla's white 'shirt' is detachable too - for cleaning purposes or tying the shoe laces underneath. 

I have yet to wear this sneakers - pending for the right outfit and the right occasion to do so. Guess I'm not as bold as I was then, though I still maintain that quirky taste inside.
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