Sunday, February 10, 2013

Waiting for That Turning Point

What do you do when you hit that bottom part of your life - thus far? 

Do you console yourself with some retail therapy and hope your new material possessions will make things OK? Do you do the Shila Amzah style - grab a guitar, sing a sad song whilst crying and put it on YouTube, because that's what *ehem* matured people would do? Or you simply shake it off and be adamant that this rough patch will eventually pass by?

Of course one can argue that everyone handles things differently. Same goes to you and me. Nobody can say how one person cope with his hard time is not right as everybody has their own way of channeling that I-feel-like-shit feeling. 

Except that Shila Amzah way again. That's just plain wrong, immature, desperate and shameless. 


What matters most is the company you keep close to in these hard times. The people you surround yourself with should be the ones that can make you forget your issues and at the same time work with you to resolve them. Even if they can't fix it for you, at least you know you'll find some solace in keeping close with the ones you love and most importantly, with the ones that love you.

It is said that the Eskimos have over a hundred words for snow. Sadly, when it comes to us to offer someone in need some comfort, we're always at a loss for words. Not many of us know, one who's enduring a hard time will hold on to our words of comfort like a valid oral testament that everything will get better. Well, I know it because I did do that. In times in need, you'll hold on to whatever positive spark left in your life in hope it will bring you faraway from that dark place you're in. 

If you happen to fall into that dark, seemingly-endless hole in your life, just be persistent and believe that everything will get better eventually. But if you know someone who's going through that phase, be kind and offer some help. You'll never know when you might need it for yourself.

As Mother Theresa said, if you can't feed all the hungry children in the world, just feed one - it will make all the difference.
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