Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to the Center of the Universe

...also known as Taiping.

Last weekend, I had to head up north to attend a wedding reception on my parents' behalf while they are still in Mecca performing umrah. Then I thought, why not I drag my hommie along so he could see (and taste) the marvelous-ness of a small town called Taiping.

Armed with bag-load of tid bits and my serviced Kiki the Kancil (thanks, sis!) off we went back to my dearly beloved town. Boy, I have things all planned out for both of us - mainly has got to do with various eating places and delish food.

Day 1 - Friday

The journey back to Taiping is approximately 250km, so I better have some good company and amusing activities while driving back. Glad to say with Ayi around, I got both. We stopped for lunch in KFC Sungai Buloh R&R, fuel in Rawang, fruits in Tapah and finally in m brother's place in Ipoh before heading directly to Taiping.

Somewhere along the highway

That night, my mission of introducing him to the vast variety of delish food in Taiping kicked off in a small stall run by my cousin, where you can get a (read: very) tasty 'mee bandung' or capati for Taiping price i.e. cheap.

Day 2 - Saturday

That morning was perfect. The roads, the trees were wet from last night's downpour and you could feel the air was still damp. The sun was not visible, hidden somewhere behind thick clouds. It was perfect, it was more than perfect. I felt great to be back and to be alive on such a beautiful morning.

After allowing 15-minutes of being sentimental and Mrs-Dalloway-like, we went for breakfast and we had curry mee (yes, it WAS for breakfast). This particular place, Pak Aziz stall, has been a regular one with my family since 10 years ago. I've been up north, down south and to the east and west but this curry mee is still the best to my liking.

By noon, I went for my teacher's daughter reception in Kamunting and she kept whoring me around as her favourite student since I was in primary school, where she taught me. *giggles* Pride aside, we were there to celebrate her daughter and celebrate we did. After spending about an hour there, we left for a quick tour around Taiping...

Me being congenial at my best

...starting with bowling game in Plaza Perbandaran! Though I admit it was my lousiest game ever (I didn't even touch 90 points), I still won over Ayi. Haha. Takes an amateur to know one, as they say.

Ayi putting in his best effort. Not.

Then we strolled around the town. I took Ayi for a real treat of Taiping by introducing him to the infamous Taiping cendol, which located behind my alma mater, and pasembor. And boy, for RM2, you could get a sumptuous laksa and be full with it. Try doing it in KL and tell me how it goes.

'Pasembor sotong'

Jalan-jalan, cari makan...

The famous and tasty Bismillah Cendol. Well, if it ain't tasty, it ain't famous, right?


Cendol kosong kecil - RM1.00, Cendol kosong besar - RM1.10, Laksa - RM2.00, satisfaction and joy - priceless

At night, we had our dinner in Doli, the famous char koey teow. The food and everything else in Taiping just got better and better.

Day 3 - Sunday

After giving my Kancil a bath, we packed, went for breakfast in Warung Muhibbah which located somewhere close to the Lake Gardens with its tasty nasi lemak, and head back to KL. I felt glad because I could finally share with Ayi about my first love and show it to him first-handedly - my Taiping.

Heading back to KL. Muka mahu penampar.

Tapah R&R. Somebody's hungry :)


a.zuhairi said...

bile nak bwk aku plak jejalan taiping?hehe

Khairizan Yaacob said...

ko eksen xnak dtg >:P

Ann Jie said...

hey i didn't know u can get laksa there. nice ah?
i like the muka penampar btw.

Khairizan Yaacob said...

dont u feel u wanna give a tight slap on that face? i do, though it's my face nway. strange but true.

yeah, the laksa is so nice. and lots too. you can be full just by eating laksa n cendol!

zhenhui said...

how can you come to taiping AND NOT go to the first ever shopping center taiping has ever had weh.
i hate you
haha :D

a.zuhairi said...

eksyen mende nye,ajak pun xpenah.

im with ann jie,muke penampar tu mmg kene r ngan tagline die.hehe

Ri said...

been to tepen once. didn't have much time to explore but loOOVE the atmosphere...

tingin nk gi tepen lg!!!

muka senyum kelat tk ikhlas, sbb tu rasa mcm nk tampor :P hehehe...

Paksu said...

sabo je la aku PK oi. 5 tahun aku duduk Taiping tak pernah sampai pun.

Khairizan Yaacob said...

Ewik, anda tidak cukup istimewa seperti saya. Kikikikiki~

kikikakakiko said...

hehe..erik, atleast aku sampai umah pakcik ko kat rawang n N9 tuh..