Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Bananas and Fasting Month

Dessert. Nyum nyum

It's that time of the year again. Assignments thrown in your face without mercy, presentations and numerous of tests coming your way even before you have time to say 'Test, what?'. Totally, bananas.

But, one good thing is that the fasting month is here again. This means less time for me to think about food and more time to spend on work. Or so, it seems. The first couple of days fasting left me totally immobile - stranded on bed, unable to do a thing. But now I've got better!

And already, people all around me noticed I've lost some weight. During last year's Ramadan, I lost 8kg. Let's hope I still have some flesh intact when Raya comes this year.

One of the best things of Ramadan has got to be the food. The buffet, the bazaar and all the sudden, invitations to break the fast together flooded in. How nice.

During the first week of fasting, Secret Recipe was my choice du jour to break the fast. Twice.

Not that there's any good reason besides it's delish food - especially the cordon bleu and black pepper chicken. The latter was what I ordered on the first day there.

Black pepper chicken with plain rice and ice lemon tea - RM15 per set

Then I tried on the new dish created by Chef Wan for Secret Recipe, specially for the fasting month (it was written there in the menu). It was a set dish, tasting like a cross between chicken curry and asam pedas - spicy yet sour, which was quite good.

Plain rice, ayam asam berempah, salad and iced syrup - RM15 per set


lapar farmer said...

u make me so lapar :(

lapar farmer said...

u make me so lapar :(

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