Thursday, April 1, 2010

Co-Curricular Day

As most of my closest friends and family members know, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this semester by taking a sport lesson for my co-curricular subject.

Usually I would immediately go for those in my turf i.e. speaking, oratory classes, language etc. But, not this semester. I chose tennis instead. Yes, fellas, tennis.

Thanks to Fifi for persuading me to accompany her for this class. She wanted to take up swimming lesson earlier but I'm a big chicken when it comes to being immersed in water so tennis looked like a good second choice.

As the pinnacle of our 13-week classes, we had to do a presentation of tennis and set up a booth for it for the Co-curricular Day. Thus, earlier today we dropped by our booth to show some support and hanging around there though nothing much had to be done with so many of our other peers being there as well.

For other classes, they had to perform in front of live audience. Ami took sitar playing class so we were proud to squeeze into the auditorium to watch her perform and cheer for her - whether she liked it or not.

I wasn't really sure how she felt there especially when Faris exclaimed at the top of his lung "SHE'S MY FRIEND!!", among all of the audience. Embarrassed, I guess. Yeah, we do love Ami that much.

Tennis people, from left to right: Fifi, Eza, Haniza, Rina, Rafael Nadal :P, coach, broke guy withdrawing money and Faizal

Getting cozy in auditorium for Ami's performance

Faris and Ami before her turn

She's my friend, yo

Looking back, I have no regret of stripping off my guard and did something in which I was obviously not a pro. The experience, lessons learned and new friendships formed were worth every single second I had spent there.

Initially, I was afraid of being looked as a dumb-ass monkey in court since I haven't hit that green ball in 10 years (last one when I was 13) but everything went so well and I gained so much while losing none whatsoever. So guys, the next time you're in my situation, just remember that anything couldn't be that bad as long as you are bold enough to try it.

Better die trying than lose giving in.


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