Friday, November 25, 2011

Le Conseil de Mortier

After what seemed like 20,000 light years, I finally graduated, officially. 

Frankly speaking, it felt mighty good to wear that indigo robe with silver lapel and being surrounded by my loved ones. It would be even better had my 'bontots' joined me in Dewan Tunku Canselor, UM that day (good God, I miss you guys). 

I even received a huge casablanca bouquet from Ayi and Mie. They certainly knew my favorite flower (thanks guys).

I won't detail on what went down that day - it was the same old routine every graduates had to undergo for convocation. But I would tell how important that day was to me. It marked a milestone in my life - all the way from there to here, with all challenges, sadness, difficulties, downsides and painful times which I had never fully disclosed nor confided to anyone. 

Each step I took toward that scroll reminded me my journey since 4-5 years ago - for that one scroll. God knows how painful it was but I guess up to this point, I'd say it was all worth the agony. The unbearable pain seemed to have dissipated.

As graduation gifts, I received a gorgeous ck Calvin Klein white dress shirt from Mie (which I couldn't stop wearing again and again) and a BlackBerry PlayBook from Ayi (which I recorded this Super Bass video with).

I thank each and every one of you who wished me well at any point of time, for your prayers have certainly did me good.

As I walked away from the stage, I turned my head to the thousands of guests but I only saw one person - that 18-year-old Khairizan who walked into Dewan Tunku Canselor for the first time during his Asasi UM orientation week and dreamed of walking on that stage, wearing that graduation robe.

I'd say to him, "You'll make it through but you need to persevere big time, man."
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Suhaimi said...

Congratulations Kye..

I dedicate a wonderful song by Barry Manilow.. "I Made It Through the Rain"..

All the best for your future undertakings...

I believe in you..

Kye. said...

As much as I hate Barry Manilow, thanks Mie! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Congrats ! I was graduated from UM too.